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Alpaca Herdsires

champion herdsiresMy award-winning huacaya alpaca herdsires possess great conformation with extra-soft fleeces that are highly uniform in density, crimp, and luster. As you can see from the images below, I'm also breeding for luscious solid colors.

Although a small ranch, I've carefully selected award-winning alpaca herdsires from superior genetic lines, such as Peruvian Hemingway, Dom Lucillio, Peruvian Royal Fawn, Peruvian Vengador, Shere Khan, Crescent Moon, Patagonia's Danko, and Lanark's Silver Charm.

Able Oaks Open Ranch DayFor information about pet- fiber males, see the Pet - Fiber Animals page »
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You Deserve Superb Service

I will care for your dam and cria like they are my own. I weigh them regularly, keep excellent records of breeding attempts, health info, and vaccinations. I also do regular fecals on all animals to ensure that run-away intestinal parasite infestation does not occur. Promt communication on breeding status will give you the comfort of knowing that your valuable investment is being well managed. My ranch guarantee on breedings includes:

  • 50% discount on senior herdsire stud fees for returning customers
  • 60-days free boarding for a dam with a cria by her side
  • live birth surviving for 7 days
  • frree blood test or ultrasound
  • weekly weigh-ins for dam and cria
  • wormings, if appropriate
  • excellent record-keeping and timely communication

2006 TXOLAN Brown Reserve Color Champ

2007 TXOLAN 1st Place Light Brown Adult Male

Name: Bayou Creek's Coppertone 
Reg.# 1204100
DOB: 14-13-04
Sire: Lanark's Silver Charm (R800802)
Dam: BC Olynpic Gold (R825194)

2007 Histogram Analysis (at 2.5 years age)
AFD=22.6 SD=4.6 CV=20.4% >30µ=6.1%

This gorgeous male has it all! Lusciously soft, crimpy handle, long staple, and faultless conformation. What's more, his sire is the fabulous multiple champion and champion-producing Silver Charm. While Coppertone's blanket, leg and neck fiber is a consistently rich reddish-brown, his gray inner-ears and mustache hint at possible gray crias. And if that isn't enough ... his Mom's (BC Olympic Gold) micron count is 18.2 AFD and his grandmom's (Sunshine) micron count at 11 year's of age was 19.2 AFD. He is a proven herdsire and an enthusiastic breeder.


  • 2008 TXOLAN 1st place mature med brown male
  • 2007 TXOLAN 1st place adult male brown male
  • 2006 TXOLAN Reserve Champion Brown Male
  • 2006 Alpacas in Ozarks (ARK) 3rd place brown yearling male
  • The gray fiber inside his ears, his mustache, and under his tail hint at being able to produce gray babies. Coppertone brings new champion bloodlines to Texas. So here's your chance to get different, yet still superior genetics for your breeding program.

    Stud Fee: $2000


2007 cria - another rose-gray girl

Reserve 2006 cria out of
PHAR Starbright

Reserve 2006 cria out of gray Jemma

Name: Enchantment's Reserve EV33 
Reg.# 847044
DOB: 7-10-03
Sire: Dom Lucilio Reg. # HA-R183891
Dam: QAI1 Dion Warwick Importo98 Reg. # HA-R806711
Introductory stud fee: $1200

2006 Histogram Analysis (at 3 years age)
AFD=23 SD=5.6 CV=24.4% >30µ= 9.2%

Reserve is a gorgeous, proven bay black boy with outstanding density, long staple length, very little guard hairs, and crimp -- hard to find in blacks! Moreover, his Mother is a silver gray, and he carries gray genes because he sired dark rose-gray cria. Reserve has thrown true black (from a white dam!), bay black, mahogany, fawn, and dark rose gray. Reserve's 2006 shearing weight was 8.2 lbs.

Reserve's honors include:

  • 2006 Alpacas in Ozarks (ARK) 3rd place black adult male
  • 2005 Oklahoma State Fair 2nd place dark adult
  • 2005 LA Deep South Halter Show - 2nd place Brown Adult
  • 2005 LA Deep South Fiber Spin-Off - 3rd place Bay Black Adult
  • 2004 Sun City Sizzle 3rd place black juvenile
  • 2004 TXOLAN 2nd place black juvenile
  • 2004 Houston Livestock & Rodeo 2nd place black juvenile
  • 2004 AOBA National Fleece Show 3rd place black juvenile
  • 2004 Oklahoma State Fair 5th place dark yearling

His conformation is superb. Reserve settled his first female at 22 months age.

Stud fee: $2000, $1500 for a gray or rose gray dam.


2008 cria out of a dark brown dam

Name: Canzelle's Bulawayo 
Reg.# 1010121
DOB: 01-01-2004
Sire: Danko 532 (R184537)
Dam: Flora (R808619)

2005 Histogram Analysis at 2 years
AFD=21.7 SD=4.5 CV=20.7% >30µ= 3.9%

I travelled to California in March 2006, and brought back this boy as my souvenir! His fleece is just so incredibly yummy! I love weaving with it.

Canzelle's Bulawayo is a gorgeous MSG son of famous Patagonia's Danko. Bulawayo is a proven herdsire with excellent conformation and truly soft, long-stapled fleece that is extremely dense. He has a sweet temperament and is ready to add new gray genetics for your breeding program. He is the only Danko son in Texas, so here's your chance to get something that no one else has.

Stud Fee: $2000

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