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Low and No-Cost Alpaca Marketing
Your Guide to Selling High-Price Alpacas Without Big-Cash Advertising Dollars

Get Well-Qualified Customers to come to your alpaca farm
Without Spending a Dime!

You've spent a fortune buying alpacas and getting your farm alpaca-ready, and there's not much budget left for advertising and marketing.

Foot traffic at most alpaca shows is people, who already own alpacas. Plus they are competing with you to sell their alpacas!

Those glossy livestock magazines cost thousands of dollars for just a 1-page ad in 1 issue!

Whether you just want your alpacas to pay for their own feed, or you want them to support your family -- benefit from the wisdom of those who have already learned how to successfully market alpacas and alpaca products on a bare-bones budget.

Low & No Budget Alpaca Marketing will show you how to get lots of people visiting your farm to see your alpacas at no, or very little, cost to you. This book contains a detailed step-by-step process with checklists and lots of tips and techniques about hosting successful events at your farm to promote and sell your alpacas.

And not just one type of event! You'll discover many different types of events that you can host, so you keep your sales prospects coming back for more and your current clients well supported in an ongoing mentoring program.

Here's What Some Alpaca Owners Say About This Book

AndyAndy Meadows: I loved this book. It's really helped me budget-wise. I now know how to get good sales prospects to visit my ranch, and it really costs me very little indeedm -- less than $200 for a whole year! My wife also has an outlet -- our very own farm -- to sell her yarn and hand-knitted alpaca products.

KyleKyle O'Grady: I have to laugh at all the other alpaca breeders, who spend thousands of dollars on fancy magazine ads. Using your book, I've learned how to get lots of free feature articles printed in local newspapers. My alpaca sales income zoomed from $Zero to $50,000 in just 3 months. I'm still getting calls from those articles! I know now how to get well-qualified sales leads to visit my farm without spending a dime! Wow! I am so grateful.

sandraSandra Giordano: Your book about alpaca marketing. What with the price of gas, and the cost of halter shows, I didn't think that I could afford to take my alpacas to shows and sell them. But now, my animals can stay safely and happily grazing in their very own pasture. Yet I can get good customers to visit my farm any time I wish--and all without hauling my animals anywhere. Your book has saved me a bundle of cash, and I'm making the sales that I need to make. It sure is nice to sell my excess fiber boys without spending a dime on marketing!

Benefits That You Will Gain

Get well-qualified leads to visit your farm
• Market alpacas and products by different methods
• Overcome the most challenging marketing problem
• Select which alpacas to sell
• Create a "For Sale" list
• Create a low-cost or no-cost marketing budget
• The very best way to get visitors to your farm
• Host your own farm events
• Many different types of farm events to keep
  your clients coming back
• Schedule free owe calendars to announce your events
• Identify local media for free press releases
• Send free and low-cost bulk emails
• Develop your own valuable email list

Plus free sample press release and event announcements are included.

Order Your Book Today!

Order now for only $19.95 $9.95 Plus 7.5% sales tax for TX residents. 

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