Aftermarket Chainsaw Parts: What are They?

The popularity of chainsaws in recent years means that almost every woodcutter wants to own one. Quite suddenly, this machine have become an essential in nearly every wood shop. Both domestic and forest wood cutters want to own this machine for the awesome power they possess end their ability to effectively cut logs with little stress.

Thanks to their invention, the tough old days of cutting for days with axe has now ended, and we are in a new era of easy cut through strong trees. This machine comes with its own bit of troubles too. Yes, you will cut efficiently and easily, but most times, you need serious maintenance to keep the machine cutting for a long time.

Aftermarket Chainsaw Parts

Apart from basic maintenance, there are quite a number is aftermarket chainsaw parts that you need to purchase to keep the saw cutting like a champ. In this article, will be reviewing some of these aftermarket parts that are needed to keep the machine running effectively, and where to get them. Before going on, however, let us look at what aftermarket chainsaw parts are.

Aftermarket chainsaw parts are parts of the chainsaw that can be bought separately from the market as spares for the existing ones. These are parts that every field-worker should own and go into the forest with if they do not want their work to be stalled at any point.

Having quite understood what aftermarket chainsaw parts are, let’s now review a few of these parts and how to get them.

  • Bar Guard: As much as a pack of chainsaw comes with the bar guard included, it is also great to have an extra. Having an extra bar guard doesn’t hurt. It instead, means that you are prepared to keep the bar of your chainsaw alive and active as you power through tough cuts. This is one part that you need to own a spare for, irrespective of whether you are working at home or out there in the fields.
  • Bar Nuts: By now, you should be familiar with the bar nuts. It is something you see and use daily. They are nuts used to hold the bar steadfast to the chainsaw machine. Cutting can become dangerous if this nuts are left to wear out. Hence, the need to own spares before setting out to work. Thankfully, you can get spare bar nuts from local repair shops. Do well to look at the nut once in a while to be sure that it is still solidly holding the bar before setting out to work.
  • Chainsaw Chain: This is one other part of the chainsaw that can be bought from the market. Of course, they are the most popular part of the chainsaw and indeed the most active – so it is a no-brainer to have one or two spares of it available. This part of the chainsaw can also be sharpened for continuous usage even it gets blunt. (see our chainsaw chain sharpening guide to learn how you can sharpen a blunt chain.
  • Chainsaw adjuster: once in a while, you will need to adjust the chain. Adjustment of the chain gets it tighter, more solid or more effective. While purchasing your chainsaw, it is important to get an extra chain adjuster, since you don’t know where you will most likely need the chain adjusted. You can get chain adjusters from online stores like Amazon and Ebay, or from any local hardware shop in your area.
  • Maintenance Kit: This is certainly an aftermarket part/tool worth purchasing for effective use of the chainsaw. Once in a while, you will need to run routine maintenance on different parts of your chainsaw. These maintenance tools come effective at such time. Remember, however, that the chainsaw is a sensitive machine on its own. You need to be acquainted to its parts before attempting any maintenance. There are several articles on our website that can help you learn the basic steps for maintaining a chainsaw. Bigger maintenance issues should be taken to a repair shop for more professional look into it.
Aftermarket Chainsaw Parts Stihl

There you have it, a few aftermarket chainsaw that you need to own alongside a chainsaw. Each of these aftermarket chainsaw parts are very important for efficient and longer use of the chainsaw. Remember that there are quite a number of them and your need for them depends mostly on what you are using your chainsaw machine for.

You will find most of these aftermarket chainsaw parts in any local hardware shop or in online stores. As your local hardware shop attendant to find out more about these parts and how they can be of benefit to you. Do not hesitate to seek more advanced knowledge about aftermarket chainsaw parts and their usage. Your level of knowledge about each part would mostly determine how well you can use your chainsaw.

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