Chainsaw Accessories and Tools: What are they?

Since the invention of chainsaws, they’ve grown in popularity among wood workers and non-wood workers. These days, even households own small chainsaws for a few family-specific tasks that need it. The tough old days when wood workers need to sweat it out with their axes and cutlasses cutting through the core of trees for hours and sometimes days is gone. Today, with a chainsaw, you can fell a tree of cut logs to your desired sizes in just a short while.

When felling trees, however, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. The more prepared you are, the better for you. In fact, sufficient preparation might just be the key to getting the job done effectively. Here, let’s look at a few tools and accessories that you need to own while using your chainsaw. Bear in mind that they are so many that we might not be able to exhaust all. will try to cover the basic and most popular ones in this article – Take a look:

  • Logger Belt: As the name signifies, this is a complete tool belt for every logger. It is flexible for use with different other tools like lifting hook, axe, wedges, measuring tapes, and first aid kit.
  • Filling Equipment and Vice: Most times while mentioning important tools every chainsaw owner should own, it us easy to overlook the filing equipment and vice, but these tools are very important and might save your say. Especially when you need to reshape the wood.
  • Felling Tools: How do you mention these stuff without including the breaking bars and wedges, knowing how important they are. These breaking bars and wedges come in different sizes and you should go to the field with the different sizes. A turning strap should be available too, because it is useful when you accidentally fell a tree against another tree. Sometimes, when the felling seems difficult and sensitive, tools like the rope, winch and pulley comes into play. These tools will not only help you fell the tree, but the will also add direction to it.
Chainsaw Accessories
  • Lifting Hook and Lifting Tongs: You need to lift and turn the logs after felling and this is where the importance of these tools come into play. As the names signify, lifting tongs are used basically for lifting smaller logs and pieces of woods off their location to a waiting vehicle or to another close location. Please note that it is important to ensure that the tongs and hook are pointed and sharp to ensure easy and great grip of the logs.
  • Axe: Yes, the invention of chainsaws have reduced the need for axes, but that doesn’t mean that they are not completely needed. Make use of the axe for removing the tree bark, sand and soil that might have accumulated on the log. This will help reduce wear on the chain and on the guide var. You can also make use of the axe for knocking the felling wedges.
  • Extra Cutting Equipment: You will need to carry an extra chain and guide bar, especially if you are going into the field. Going with these will help you not to stop work at any point where the chain or the bar gets damaged. Simply pick the extra you’ve gone with to replace.
  • Clippers: this is a practical tool for measuring the diameter of wood. Getting them would help you get the right measurement for each cut.
  • Spare Parts: We all know how important spare parts can be, especially if you are working in areas that are pretty remote. It’s a good idea to go along with am assortment of basic spare parts to keep your chainsaw running.
Chainsaw Tools

The above mentioned are some of the most basic tools needed for tree feeling. As you purchase your chainsaw, it is quite important to get them with these tools, since their present do not only help for more convenient usage, but also for efficiency and safety. Safety is a very important issue in the use of chainsaws, so you should research the basic safety gears and buy them too. Once you have everything in place, you are ready for your first cutting adventure anywhere.

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