Chainsaw Performance Parts: What You Should Know?

The chainsaw is a complex machine, with so many parts and features working together. Performance chainsaw parts are therefore the numerous parts required to operate the machine smoothly and safely.

The truth about chainsaw parts is that a lot of users do not even know up to a quarter of them. A lot of them do not realise how important knowing the different parts of the chainsaw is. Before reviewing the important parts of the chainsaw, let talk a bit about the importance of knowing them.

Chainsaw Performance Parts


A chainsaw is quite a dangerous tool that can easily cause harm on an inexperienced user if proper care is not taken. A proper knowledge of the various chainsaw parts would help ensure that you know how to handle each safely. If you know how the different parts function, then you will be able to tell when any of them is malfunctioning and needs replacement.


A properly maintained chainsaw will be less susceptible to causing harm during use. It will also last longer. A proper knowledge of the different parts of the chainsaw and how they operate would help you more properly maintain the chainsaw.


Communicating which part of the chainsaw machine needs replacement or repair to a hardware seller would be difficult if you do not know the names of the different parts. A knowledge of the different parts of the chainsaw will help you communicate more properly with your mechanic or supplier.

Having seen the importance of knowing the various parts of a chainsaw, lets now take a look at the most popular performance chainsaw parts.

The Chain: The chainsaw chain is a very important part of the chainsaw. It is, in fact, the most essential part of the chainsaw. It has several parts in itself, including; the rakers, cuter teeth, the drive link, and the tie strap. These are parts that helps for cutting, controlling, and holding the different parts of the chainsaw together.

  • Chain Catcher
chain catcher chainsaw

The chain catcher is a metal (sometimes plastic) guard that is meant to protect the operator of the chainsaw from coming in direct contact with the the chain in care of breakage of the chain during use.

  • Clutch
Clutch chainsaw

This part serves as a joint for the chain sprocket and the engine. The main purpose of this part is to come the cutting speed of the chainsaw.

  • Chain Brake
Chain Brake chainsaw

This is an important part of the chainsaw that is designed to stop the chainsaw in the event of a kickback. In essence, it protect the operator and lower the risk of serious injury significantly.

  • Start/Stop Switch
Start-Stop Switch chainsaw

This part is very important. It is located in a strategic part of the chainsaw to allow the user easily switch the machine on and off during operation.

  • Throttle
Throttle chainsaw

This is the part that regulates the revolution per minute (RPM) of the chainsaw machine. It operate by reducing or increasing the flow of fuel to the cylinders. The chainsaw automatically stops running when the throttle is released.

  • Anti-vibration Valve
Anti-vibration Valve chainsaw

The chainsaw is a powerful machine when in full operation. It produces a lot of vibration that can cause pain to the arms and joints of the user. The anti-vibration valve is charged with the duty of absorbing the vibration produced by the machine; hence reducing its impact on the operator.

  • Carburettor
Carburettor  chainsaw

The carburettor controls the amount of fuel that gets to the engine. This control is irrespective of the angle of the chainsaw.

There you have it, some of the most important performance parts of the chainsaw. A proper knowledge of these parts would set any user on the right part of usage.

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