Partner Chainsaw Parts

In this article today, we’ll be discussing what to do if your chainsaw ever breaks! We’ll be looking at the basic dos and don’ts of such an awful situation.
We’ll be looking in particular about one company that you need to have in your mind if such an occurrence happens to you! This company is called ‘Partner’ and they’re a chainsaw parts company. They do not sell chainsaws themselves, but what they do sell are the things that you will need if anything goes wrong.
Within the article, we’ll be looking at the benefits of buying new parts rather than a new chainsaw.

There was once a time when in order to chop down a tree, you had to use an axe. This would be a difficult and dangerous task, as it would take a long time, and easily tire you out. And it’s not exactly a secret that tiredness leads to injury.

Today however, things are much better. If you have a chainsaw, then a tree that would have taken about an hour or so to cut down in the past, can now be on the ground within minutes.

And once it’s down there, there’s no need to spend hours cutting away with a regular saw, when you can just use a chainsaw to get it done in a fraction of the time.

Partner Chainsaw Parts

Broken chainsaw!

However, as great as chainsaws are, one flaw of them, is that their not invincible. As with everything in life, sometimes, chainsaws have problems that need fixing. These problems might be that it has become so clogged up with sawdust that the chain cannot spin around the bar quickly enough, or perhaps there is an issue with the engine that might cause it to malfunction. The cause of these problems can also vary. At times, they are due to a fault on the manufacturer’s behalf, however at other times, they might happen because the user has either been careless or ignorant about how to maintain their chainsaw.

Broken partner chainsaw

Regardless as to what the cause of the issue is, the consequence is the same.  And as you’ve probably guessed, this consequence is that the chainsaw will stop working and you will not be able to use it. Either that or it could potentially be very dangerous to work with. And with chainsaws, an injury caused by them could very well be fatal.

So even in the best case scenario, where your chainsaw doesn’t work, it can still leave you angry and frustrated.

Buy a new?

There might be some who would be tempted to just throw it away and buy a new one. That is if it’s passed the manufacturer’s warranty that most chainsaws come with.

However, this has one huge problem. Money!

Chainsaws are not cheap, some of them can even cost you more than $500! And unless you happen to be a billionaire, you can’t afford to just go and spend $500 on a whim!

Another downside is that it’s going to be bad for the environment, as it will just sit on top of a pile of landfill.

Buying Parts!

Buying Chainsaw Parts

A much better alternative to buying an entirely new chainsaw is simply buying the specific parts that you need to.
The biggest benefit to this is of course that you get to save money! Rather than spending $500 on a new chainsaw, you can instead spend $30 on a new part. You would need to be pretty foolish not to do this. The main parts manufacturer that most of the professionals use is one called ‘Partner’. They’re a well established brand who’s products are always high in quality.

And of course, it’s way better for the environment.

Doing DIY?

But, as with many many other things in life, there is a catch. If you want this to be done properly, you have two options. Either know what you’re doing, or take it to someone who does.

To be able to know what you’re doing to the extent that you can perform DIY on a chainsaw can take years of training, it’s certainly not something for newbies.

Taking it to someone who knows what they’re doing will almost certainly cost you extra money. But it’s money that definitely worth spending unless you’re 200% confident that you won’t mess up.

If you try to perform a DIY task on a chainsaw, without really knowing what you’re doing, then the consequences could be deathly, and I mean that literally. If you get one thing wrong within the process, then who knows what might happen? The engine might explode, the chain might come flying off, the oil might just go flooding out.

And if that doesn’t happen, you may just end up breaking it. Then instead of spending an extra $15 on getting it fixed, you’ll be spending an extra $500 on a new chainsaw. I know which one I would rather do.


Chainsaws are a fantastic invention that makes life much easier. However, they’re not perfect and at times, might end up breaking! When this happens, it can cause a lot of annoyance.

Some idiots might respond to this by buying a new chainsaw but this is not good for your wallet or the planet. A better idea would be to buy the parts that you need.

However, to install the new parts, you’ll either need to be an expert or take it to one. If you fail at DIY, the money you saved on the parts will mean nothing at all!

And the best company to buy parts from is ‘Partner’.

The quality of chainsaws is getting higher and higher all the time. And most chainsaw companies do give a free warranty with all of their products. So chances are, you’re not all that likely to need this article.

However, if you do, just remember to be sensible. That means being sensible with how you spend your money, but also knowing the limits of your own skills.

Should your chainsaw ever malfunction, just follow the rules laid out here, and you’ll be fine! Or at least, as fine as you can be.